Marta Cabiddu

Healthcare Marketing Consultant and Founder

I have always been passionate about marketing and advertising since I started helping my grandfather in his busy media buying agency. I consider him my inspirational model; he taught me the importance of genuine and long-lasting relations with clients and business partners.

I completed my business studies in Italy and in the UK. I started my career in Canada where I first learned the importance of being of help to clients by producing relevant results. I consider myself a world-citizen and although I come from one of the most beautiful places on earth, I like to experience life outside of it. My enthusiasm about life and discovery reflects in my work relationships and work quality.

Medicine, biology, science and wellbeing are important areas of interests that I particularly enjoyed studying from a very young age. My passion for healthcare and marketing are combined for the first time in my Master’s dissertation, which focused on holiday dialysis. Back then I realised the importance of marketing in the healthcare sector and how a specialised marketing professional can be of great help in improving doctor-patient relation as well as adding value for the clinic and the patients.

I founded Silene Marketing in Italy in 2011 before opening the business in London in 2016 Part of my team are in Italy and I currently share my time between Italy and the UK to follow my clients personally.

I am in love with my work and it is important to keep direct and collaborative relations with my clients.

Come on board and be part of something special and original that you will not regret.